Importance of switching to organic and cold pressed cooking oil

oil in glass bottle

What is Organic Oil?

Organic oils are extracted from plants that are grown by farmers without using any chemicals or pesticides. These organic oils taste and smell like their flowers, seeds or fruits.

What is Cold Pressed Oil?

While on the other hand- Cold Pressed is extracted oil by crushing nuts or seeds through pressure. The oil seed may comprise canola, sunflower, coconut and many more. Cold pressed oils preserve their aroma, nutritional value and flavor.

Importance of Organic and Cold Pressed Oil

  • Cold pressed oil maintains the majority of its chemical and physiological elements and most significantly its unique taste.
  • Organic oil retains slight of its natural elements. Some people call organic oil “extra virgin” because it has been developed with nominal extraction.
  • Cold pressed oil is suitable to use in cooking because of their elevated nutritional substance and due to their capacity to endow rich aroma and flavor. It can also be sprinkled on the already cooked food to enjoy the blend of flavor, and health.
  • Organic oils are not only rich in essential nutrients but also retain the natural state of oil seeds.
  • Loaded with MUFA, PUFA, Omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E, minerals and antioxidants.
  • It helps improve metabolism, circulation, digestion and many more health related problems.

With several types of oils present in the market, it is crucial to understand the type of oil you are having in your everyday diet. Cold pressed and organic oils are highly recommended due to its nutritional content in both. Cold pressed oils are highly hygienic, with great health benefits and have numerous benefits over any other oils.

Anantya offers an amazing collection of Organic Cold Pressed Oils, including Mustard Oil, Sesame Oil, Groundnut Oil, and Coconut Oil. By using organic and cold pressed oils in your daily cooking helps you to live a healthy lifestyle.

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