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Anantya. Not rocket science; it's nature science

Our 4 step manufacturing process has been designed to stay true to nature, while striking a balance
between ancient methods that have stood the test of time with new-age innovation.

Step 1

The seeds see the light of day.

Not all pressure
is bad.

100% pure and certified
organic oilseeds are
cleaned and naturally
dried under the sun to
remove the moisture.

Step 2

Not all pressure is bad.


The clean, dried seeds are
then crushed under high
pressure in a slow-grinding
machine that has been
specially designed to
simulate the traditional
mechanism (a.k.a.’Ghani’,
‘Chekku’, &’Kolhu’). With no
chemicals or heat, the
natural composition and
goodness of the oil stay intact.
Also, this mechanism doesn’t
involve cattle in any way, unlike
the age-old cruel method that
employed cows to
grind the oil seeds.

Step 3

Good stuff.

Seal it with
the promise of
good health.

The natural gravity
sedimentation method is
applied. Then, the
cold-pressed oil is filtered
with membrane filters and
separated from the seed
pulp, and then stored in mild
steel tanks.

Step 4

Seal it with the promise of good health.

The seeds see
the light of day.

The oil is bottled and
sealed to retain all its
organic properties –
including the natural
flavour, aroma, colour
and more importantly,
antioxidants and
nutritional value.

Anantya - Certifications

Anantya Organic Cold Pressed Oils are certified by the highest
authority in the universe – Mother Nature. But, we suggest – don’t go by our word.
Our oils also boast of certification from:

Anantya - Certifications

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards
Authority of India (FSSAI)

Anantya - Certifications


Anantya - Certifications

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