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The Birth of an Idea

Being in the edible oil industry for 2 generations, our founders realised that there is a growing need for organic
products in India that catered to local tastes and preferences.

Ethical Organics – the brainchild of Mrs. Hiral Desai & Mrs. Pooja Desai was created with the objective to
provide healthy, sustainable and organic options by incorporating local flavours to complement Indian cuisine.

Key Members

co-founder 2
Mrs. Hiral Desai

Ethical Organics

co-founder 1
Mrs. Pooja Desai

Ethical Organics

Owned & Operated
by Women

Ethical Organics is a flagbearer of
women empowerment, being run by
an all-woman workforce, right from
the founders to every single
department in the company.

Sustainability is
Our Responsibility

Ethical Organics puts emphasis on
sourcing the best raw material in the
most sustainable manner from local
Indian farms, ensuring high quality
produce with minimal carbon emissions,
while benefitting Indian farmers.

Cold Pressing:
An Ancient Science

Our careful research indicates that the
technique to make cold pressed oil has
existed since Vedic times and it was an
intrinsic part of our ancestors’ diets.
Through this, we go back to basics and
connect with our roots.

Anantya - A Unique 3E Promise

Each variant of Anantya Organic Cold Pressed Oil comes with a unique3E Promise:

Enriching Purity: Our oils are
manufactured with utmost care, using
a heat-free, chemical-free cold
pressing process. The result is 100%
pure oil packed with flavour and high
nutritional value that restores and
enhances health and wellbeing.

Exciting Opportunities: Packed with
loads of health benefits, our oils make
every morsel a celebration of nature,
flavour and health. Every moment that
follows is ripe with opportunities for
creating a healthier, happier

Endless Satisfaction: Every drop is
a delectable combination of flavour,
wellness and purity. This sweet
satisfaction marks the end of the meal
and a fresh beginning to the rest of
their life.

Getting Anantya Organic Cold Pressed Oil in your kitchen is your first step towards getting
#BackToBasics in a delicious and healthy way.

What does the Seed of Life mean?

The ‘Seed of Life’ is a universal symbol of creation derived from the ancient pattern the
‘Flower of Life’, depicted by the intertwining of 6 circles around one. These 7 circles
mirror our chakras, the colors of the rainbow & even the musical scales! It
forms a foundation upon which the infinite, fractal nature of life can be understood.

The history behind the geometry.

There is a long history behind the ‘Seed of Life’ and ‘Flower of Life’, first documented in
the ancient near East during the second millennium BCE.

A Flower

The tradition of using
geometrically stylized flowers
(roses), leaves, and branches
as decorative elements
originated in Mesopotamia
and continues to be used
even today.

The Sun

The rose has been used to
represent the Sun, with the petals
as rays. The Sun has a close
association with the number six. It
makes six stops on its yearly

Spiritual Protection

Several cultures believe the rose
is apotropaic, used to avert bad
luck. The central six petals
signify blessings and were also
carved as ‘Thunder Marks’ on
homes to protect from dangers
like lightning.

Legend has it that the geometric rose was used extensively as a template for constructing the hexagon,
hexagram and mapping out tiling with six-fold symmetry. Although sometimes used as a motif by itself, the Seed
of Life was more commonly employed to create other figures. It is an underlying order beneath more
complicated geometric patterns like stained glass, window tracery and mosaics.

Cold Pressed Oil vs. Refined Oil

Cold Pressed Oil vs. Refined Oil

element 1

Cold-Pressed Oils retain all their original
organic properties.

Rich in vitamin E and have properties that are
useful for healing of the body.

Made from high-quality organic oilseeds
determined by colour, aroma and taste.

The use of high-quality oilseeds make Cold
Pressed Oil slightly expensive.


Refined Oils lose all their organic properties from
the heat and chemicals involved in processing.

Known to cause and aggravate inflammation, high
blood pressure and insulin imbalance in the body.

Often uses low-quality oilseeds as refined oil is
neutralised for taste, colour and odour.

The use of low-quality oilseeds make Refined
Oils much cheaper.

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